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Section for Wholesale distribution / bake dates / relevant for placing orders & verification.

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We are proud to announce Tom & Ralph of TKA & Associates who are brokering the Hempzels(tm) & Natalie's Choice Lines for the Lancaster Trading House, Inc. If you have a store or business that is interested in our product lines we presently have distribution of Hempzels Mustard, 6 pack Original Sourdough and Nut Butter through

Garden Spot Food Distributors. We will ship certain products through Fedex ground or deliver if you are in a 30 mile radius of our HeadQuarters in Columbia, PA. Our location is not a public access retail location. We ship retail direct through our shopping cart.

Wholesale Accounts will eventually access order information to place on line orders or call 1-800-USE-HEMP anytime for a representative or a our 24/7 answering machine. Thanks, S.P.House - owner

Wholesale Mustard Product Information



 Made in mid size batches - 

Distributed by Garden Spot Food Item #xxxxxxxxxx / 6 per case.

Shelf life 1 year - 

Ingrediants; xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


UPC # 6-53939-00300-2



Wholesale Hemp Seed Product Information



 Made in mid size batches - 

Distributed by Garden Spot Food Item #xxxxxxxxxx / 6 per case.

Shelf life 1 year - 

Ingrediants; xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


UPC # 6-53939-00300-2



Wholesale Frozen Soft Pretzel Product Information



 Made in mid size batches - 

Distributed by Garden Spot Food Item #xxxxxxxxxx / 6 per case.

Shelf life 1 year - 

Ingrediants; xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


UPC # 6-53939-00300-2



Hometown Provisions Distributing Hempzels

New Distributor of Hempzels Hometown Provisions   Frozen Hempzels Delivered by Hometown Provisions

( No they aren't deliverying Hempzels - YET as of 4/5/15 - retail packaging for the soft Swirls is completed this quarter for 2015. Do you deal with HTP? Ask them to Stock & Deliver to your local / regional store near Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)

 WE WANT HTP to distribute our products - ask them to.

This Spring local restaurants, independent grocer's,  deli's, brew houses and other fine establishments will be able to have delivered to their establishments Hempzels(tm) Frozen Soft Pretzel Swirls and Hempzel's(tm) Horseradish Hemp Honey Mustard in our squeeze jars or by the Gallon along with an assortment of Hempzel's(tm) hand rolled Sourdough Pretzels - especially Pumpernickel & Onioin. Hometown Provsions is based in Willow Street, Lancaster County Pennsylvania their region will be between Philadelphia, Harrisburgh, Pennsylvania and Elkton MD. Call direct in the upcoming weeks to get Hempzels(tm) and other fine products distributed by a family based, provisions distributor. VIsit for wholesale delivery so they can deliver to you direct fresh & frozen Hempzels(tm) - tell them you heard it from the website. Thank you!


Soft hemp Hempzel Pretzel - Swirls

Swirled Vs Twisted - Better Topping Peal & Sop

2015 - After 10 years we are ready to release our value added soft fresh baked Hempzel Pretzels in a frozen 8 pack bag. Swirled vs twisted. For sale at the Pennsylvania Farm Show and ask for them at Karns Foods, Giant Foods, Wegmans (they carry our mustard), all your regional stores to carry our product for easy access to you!.. 


Nutritional information - ingredients listing..   HEATING INSTRUCTIONS

Here is a recent 4/25/13 customer comment - and we are working on this. Jon wrote: "I just have to say, your pretzels are fantastically delicious and nutritious! My family loves them and we're hooked! I take the frozen pretzels and spray some olive oil on them, sprinkle some Himalayan pink salt and put them in the toaster. They come out great every time."
From our fan base out at events - here in Pennsylvania, Maryland customers. 

  Have a store and deal with Hometown Provisions? Ask them to get ready to stock & deliver to you!.

 Hempzel(tm) Soft Pretzel Swirl

 Local Distributor Hometown Provisions to distribute soft Hempzels



Garden Spot Food Distributors

We've been working with Garden Spot Food Distributors for over 9 years. They are a regional speciality food distributor and carry the following Hempzel products:

  • Original Sourdough Hempzels - boxed in 6 packs
  • Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard 11.75oz - 6 packs
  • No Salt - Whole Hemp Seed 8oz Bags 8 per case-

Located in New Holland, Pennsylvania serving the Commonwealth, Maryland, New Jersey, parts of New York and parts of Virginia. Visit


Distributors of Hempzels
  1.  Garden Spot Food Distributors - New Holland, Pennsylvania distributes Hempzels Original Sourdough 10oz Bags (1 flavor only), Hempzel's Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard, Natalie's Choice Omega Foods Hemp Seed Nut-less butter & Raspberry Jam and Whole No Salt 8oz Hemp Seeds.
  2. (Presently not distributing) 2015Chex Fine Foods - Attlesboro, Massachuesetts distributes Hempzel's Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard in the North Atlantic.
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Distribution Puzzle

Distribution is something we need but will not bend over backwards to get. The Lancaster Trading House, Inc. with Hempzels(tm) brand is looking for distribution that will be the most cost effective, least hoops to jump through with care to the mission of this company. We are willing to work with less than pallet amounts but do not gaurantee sales or have our products priced to absorb charge back fees'. Be up front, tell us your area, your idea of what we can do together and see if we can make it work. 1-800-873-4367 24/7 in the US - Message us - thanks.

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