Pennsylvania Hemp Farming 2015 Announcement

Senator Folmer and Democrat announce hemp farming in Pennsylvania January 10 2015

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Pictured a farmer in 1908 stands next to his hemp crop two feet taller than he is - he's Fritz the hemp farmer saying it's silly that they grew hemp right down the road from where they make Hempzel Pretzels - using imported hemp seed instead of local hemp. Hempzels wants to free the seed. Thanks for your business.

Hemp + Pretzels = "Hempzels®" - Hempzelization - just became aware of hemp. Since 1997 a few local guys started selling hand painted hemp fabrics and started working with a small hanover baker to start a single line of Sourdough Hemp Pretzels. It all changed in 1999 as Shawn took over and expanded the relationship with other Pennsylvania Preferred Bakeries & Packaging Facilities. We've been putting a new twist on some old favorites. 

It's "About the Seed - not the weed ™ Every day is Hemp History Day - Just Say Know Campaign.

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11/10/14 -  It's Never Ending Website Updates - Learn & Grow - If you Can't Order Call or Email & it will be taken care of Thank You! The Head Hempzel. 

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