Hemp plus pretzels = Hempzels, exported from Lancaster, PA.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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Interested in having a presentation done about hemp? History, significance, stories from old and visions for the future. Call for arrangements to have Shawn House or Les Stark come to your area for some insight and education about this fascinating plant on the horizon. Fee & traveling expenses are requested. Availability on demand. Call or email today providing your information, approximate time schedule and we will be happy to provide you with a current fee. Interview 2007 by Fox 43 local man wants hemp grown in Pennsylvania  Marijuana Radio Interview 2008

Interview Shawn House Canadian Hempfields.


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  1. No Is The Answer - the number one question? Will I fail or test postive for drugs if I eat one of your Hempzel Pretzels, Mustard or Seed???? - See http://www.testpledge.com
  2. What part of the hemp plant do you make Hempzel Pretzels with? - We combine traditional ingredients with the addition of Organic hemp seed (hulled), Organic hemp flour & Organic hemp oil - depending on pretzel - Sourdough Vs Soft Hempzel.
  3. Are all your products Organic? - we now use Organic hemp seed, flour & oil and Organic Brown Rice flour in the Sourdough Hempzels but with the additional cost of hemp since it's imported - we are working towards that goal but presently with market conditions haven't sourced all organic ingredients.
  4. Best by dates: - follow them with the Sourdough Hempzel Pretzels, they are made to be eaten quickly not stored away for months on end - all pretzels get hard & Hempzels get harder quicker if left uneaten for months - store airtight & cool if you do. Mustard - the bite lessens but the mustard is still good if kept refrigerated after opening beyond the best by date.
  5. Are your items Kosher - Not certified but the ingredients used are. The Whole Hemp Seed is certified Kosher Canada. Documentation coming soon.
  6. Why can't you come up with a gluten free pretzel? - The facilities that produce Hempzels are not gluten free at the moment - we ran our first batch of Hempzels soft Pretzel Stix that are gluten free but they need to be retailed packaged and are presently sold in bulk with heating instructions. The hemp seed is gluten free.

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